It is a well-known medical and scientific fact that penis extenders are the only way to enlarge your penis efficiently and also safely. Phallosan is the superior extender on the market and it has been ever since it came out back in 2000. We have explained why this is in another article here and the goal of this article is completely different. Namely, in it, we are going to explain how Phallosan actually works towards enlarging the male organ.

It has a unique way of application as it includes a condom, or a sleeve, which is placed around the penis, which is then modified by applying vacuum so that it stays in place and so that the stretching which is ultimately applied is distributed equally on the entire penis, not just in length. However, the underlying method is absolutely the same as with other penis extenders and it involves, quite simply, stretching.

Gradual and continuous stretching is a recognized practice when it is important and wanted to extend a part of the body. For instance, it is often used in cases where the doctors wish to extend someone’s extremities. It is even more popular among certain cultures from Asia and Africa, where the same method is used in order to stretch out different parts of the body for a cosmetic effect.

The way in which an increase in size is achieved through stretching is basically very simple. When you extend muscle tissue such as penis for a long time continuously, the cells in the tissue are also extended and pulled apart on a microscopic level. As a result of this, certain micro spaces, the so-called “microtears” are formed, which are then filled by new cells that are either created from scratch or which are in fact separated from already existing cells. This way, the increase in size that occurs is permanent. It is not simply stretching out the existing cells, but creating new cells.

What is unique about Phallosan when compared to other extenders is that this stretching is applied in all directions starting from the base of the penis. It is not only applied forwards like with more conventional extenders, but also outwards, which means that the girth of the penis is also increased and not only the length. This is the main reason why Phallosan is the superior product on the market and the best choice for men looking to enlarge their organ.